(a) Caps, rash shirts/vests and/or arm markings identify an individual competitor and/or team and provide a starting point should the necessity arise to identify an individual.
(b) Where a club enters more than one team in an event the competitors in each team shall either:

  • (i) All wear caps with distinguishing numbers or letters; or
  • (ii) All wear distinguishing numbers or letters marked on their upper arms; or
  • (iii) All wear rash shirts/vests with distinguishing colours or distinguishing numbers or letters.

( c) Also refer Section 3 for Lifesaving events.
Note 1: In events such as surf boat races, double ski races or board rescue races, Rule 2.5.4 (b) shall not apply if the individuals in each team can be identified because of the craft they are using.
Note 2: If competitors are required to wear distinctive coloured vests (as detailed in Section 2.5.1) Rule 2.5.4 (b) (iii) shall not be an option for team identification.