(a) Competition caps, colours and designs, must be approved and registered with the relevant State Centre and SLSA. Only registered colours and designs shall be permitted to be worn. In team events competitors must wear matching cap (and/or helmet) colours and design.
(b) In ocean and Beach events, caps (or helmets as appropriate), securely fastened under the chin, must be worn on the head at the start (including the start of each leg in team events) of all events. The wearing of rubber or silicone type swim caps is permitted under competition caps as are silicon and competition caps under helmets.
( c ) A competitor/team shall not be disqualified if a cap (or helmet or silicon cap (for pool events)) is inadvertently displaced or lost after the start of an event, provided that officials can identify that the competitor correctly completed the course/race.
Note: It is not advisable for caps (or helmets or silicon caps (for pool events)) to be removed from the head of a competitor until placing’s have been recorded for that race and the official in charge of the finish of the event gives permission.
(d) All boat rowers and sweeps must wear an SLSA certified surf helmet as defined in the SLSA Approved Gear and Equipment Manual during training and competition except when an accredited boat sweep (during non-competition training) or the Competition Committee (in competition) has issued a dispensation for the wearing of surf helmets. Such a decision is subject to the completion of a documented and approved SLSA risk assessment that has determined an acceptably low risk level to allow helmets not to be worn.
Note 1: A nominal wave height of 1m is considered as the maximum wave height threshold where surf helmets may be considered for optional use. Wave height is only one consideration in assessing surf zone hazards (examples of others could include: a heavy shore break, littoral drift, shorter wave periods, wind strength and direction, etc.).
Note 2: Should conditions alter during the course of an event the Referee may reverse the initial decision for the optional wearing of helmets and mandate that all boat rowers and sweeps must wear an SLSA certified surf helmet in competition.
(e) The wearing of SLSA approved surf helmet as defined in the SLSA Approved Gear and Equipment Manual is compulsory for IRB Patients in both training and competition.
Note: The exception to this rule is the Rescue Tube Race, where patients are exempt from the compulsory wearing of helmets because the IRB is stationary at the commencement of the patient pickup.
(f) The wearing of SLSA approved surf helmets is optional in all craft events unless otherwise noted i.e. mandated wear for Surf Boats and IRB Patients.
(g) Surf helmets worn in competition must display club competition cap colours or be covered in material in accordance with the club competition cap (i.e. a club coloured lycra cover over a helmet).
Note: If helmets are to be painted, check with manufacturers for advice on retrospectively painting surf helmets.
(h) The wearing of registered competition caps or rubber or silicone type swim caps is permitted in Pool Rescue Events and the Simulated Emergency Response Competition provided that matching swim caps are worn in team events.