(a) Members may be eligible to contest the U17 age category in individual events after attaining the age of 15 years (as at 30 September – refer Section provided they meet the membership requirements detailed in Sections 2.2.1 and 2.2.2.

(b) U17 age competitors are eligible to compete in only two team event ages i.e. U17, U19, U21, U23, Open/Senior in each event discipline conducted at a competition.
Note 1: For U17 age members the relevant award is the SLSA Bronze Medallion/Cert II.
Note 2: U15 age competitors must remain in the U15 age category and shall not be permitted to compete in any older age division in individual or team events even if they turn 15 during a season
and obtain or a re eligible to obtain the SLSA Bronze Medallion/Cert II.
Note 3: For participation in IRB and First Aid Competition refer to Section 3. No member is permitted to compete in surf boat, double surf ski and ski legs in Ironman/Woman competition until they are in the U17 age category (i.e. upon reaching 15 years of age as at 30 September in a competition year) – refer Sections 5, 6 and 8 respectively. For participation in March Past events refer to Section 10.