(a) Female/Male Only Events may be conducted in designated competition categories. Female/male members shall be eligible to contest such events as per current SLSA rules.

(b) However, no event shall be conducted at a competition which excludes a gender, i.e. if only one event is to be conducted it shall be designated as open to both male and female competitors.

(c) Refer Appendix A for SLSA’s Transgender Transsexual Athlete guidelines

Note 1: Boat sweep oarsmen, IRB patients, Belt Race Reel and other handlers are to be considered as gender neutral with respect to their participation in male and female events.
Note 2: Some SLSA events may be designated as open to both male and female competitors in each event.
Note 3: Some SLSA team events (e.g. Open Mixed R&R) may be designated as Mixed and may contain a specified or non-specified number(s) of male and female competitors in each team.
Note 4: The criteria for the above competition categories and provisos may vary from time to time. These variations will be notified by way of SLSA bulletins and circulars.