(a) In addition to the SLSA Code of Behaviour, any SLSA member who abuses an official, a competitor, SLSA member or member of the public at an SLSA competition, carnival or event may be excluded or disqualified from that competition, carnival or an event at the discretion of the Referee.
(b) The Competition Disciplinary Committee may also impose additional penalties. For the purposes of this rule “abuse” includes making direct or implied threats or behaving in an inappropriate manner as determined by the Referee and/or the relevant official(s) in their absolute discretion.
Note: SLSA is committed to ensuring that every person involved in the movement is treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination, harassment and abuse. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the SLSA Code of Conduct for people in Positions of Authority when dealing with children and young people. Any concerns a member or the general public may have around the safety and protection of a child should be reported immediately via the Online Complaint and Report form, forms.sls.asn.au Reports can remain anonymous. For further information please refer to the SLSA Member Protection Policy or contact the SLSA Office.