(a) SLSA expects all members involved in competition to co-operate to ensure a positive public image and to participate in a spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship. Any incidents or behaviour likely to cause embarrassment or damage to the reputation and/or image of SLSA or lifesaving competition will be initially managed by the Referee and, as appropriate, referred to a SLSA Disciplinary Committee. Penalties may include censure, expulsion of individuals, teams and/or clubs from competition and/or the competition venue and/or other penalties deemed appropriate.
(b) SLSA expects the highest standard of behaviour of its competitors, officials, and members. These expectations are reflected in SLSA’s constitution and in this Manual.
( c) For the purpose of applying the code of behaviour, the definition of a “team” includes the actual competitors competing in an individual and/or team event, coaches, assistants, supporters, spectators, etc.
(d) Clubs and their team members are required to abide by SLSA rules and/or constitution. Any breaches will be reported to the Referee who may initiate action.
(e) Team and individual members represent themselves, their club, their sponsors, and SLSA. As such, they shall at all times behave themselves in a proper manner travelling to and from competitions, during competitions and related activities including social functions.
(f) Unbecoming behaviour by a club and/or its team members is a serious offence and will be dealt with as such.
(g) Any action by an individual or team during the course of a race or competition or which attempts to disrupt or interfere with another individual or team is a serious offence and will be dealt with as such.
(h) The general behaviour of all participants will be measured by the following SLSA code of fair play: