(a) The Surf Lifesaving Authority shall decide on medals, trophies and pointscores and shall provide details in entry circulars etc. as detailed in Section 12 of this Manual.

(b) Unless otherwise determined by the Authority a minimum of one activity participant is required for any event to be contested. For all events, placings (and medals) will be awarded as follows:

  • (i) Three (3) or more activity participants – three placing’s (and medals) may be awarded.
  • (ii) Two (2) activity participants – two placing’s (and medals) may be awarded.
  • (iii) One (1) activity participants (providing the competitor/team correctly completes the course) –one placing (and medal) awarded.

( c) The Surf Life Saving Authority conducting the event shall determine points for a pointscore. Where a dead heat (as defined in Section 2 of the Manual) occurs in the final of an event the individuals/teams will share the placing points. The club of the next individuals/teams to finish will receive the relative placing points based on the number of individuals/teams finishing ahead of them. For example, if a pointscore was to be 6 points for 1st place, down to 1 point for 6th place and, if two individuals/teams finish equal 1st, both individuals/teams shall receive 6 points each. The next placing individual/team shall be awarded the 4 points and the bronze medal for coming 3rd.

(d) Further to this when the event has concluded and if there is a tied pointscore, the Club or team with the most 1st placings shall be declared the winner. Failing this, the Club or team with the most 2nd placings to the last placing points awarded respectively (in the example above this would be is 6thplace or one point) will be taken into account to determine a winner. If, after this procedure there is no single winner, then the pointscore will be declared a tie and dual trophies will be presented.