In the event of a dead heat the following shall apply:
(a) In finals, unless otherwise provided, a dead heat shall be declared as such, placings and any medals shall be awarded as follows: Equal first will result in no second place being awarded with the next placed competitor or team being awarded third place etc. In the event of a three way dead heat for first the next placed competitor or team shall be awarded fourth place and so on.
Any other point score and/or trophy allocation etc. shall be as decided by the Competition Committee.
(b) Qualifying dead heat competitors in preliminary heats, rounds, quarter-finals or semi-finals shall be entitled to compete in the next round or final unless otherwise provided.
( c) Should two or more teams be allotted equal points in Surf Teams events, the team whose full complement of members first completes the course shall be awarded the higher placing.
(d) For Beach Flags, March Past, Champion Lifesaver, Patrol Competition, First Aid and Board Riding events refer to the respective Sections of this Manual. For R&R events, refer to the Rescue & Resuscitation Competition Manual.