(a) Competitors/teams must compete fairly and adhere to the courses and the rules as detailed in this Manual or Entry Conditions Bulletin or as directed by the relevant official for the conduct of various events. Where available, electronic equipment (including video) may be utilised to assist the judging process.
(b) If a competitor/team misses a turning buoy or turning flag they may, without penalty, alter their direction and return by their most direct route to correct the course error and continue to the finish of the event.
( c) In events where it is required to cross a line to finish, should a competitor or team not correctly cross the finish line as prescribed in the relevant Section for that event, they may recover and correctly re-cross the finish line to record their placing.
(d) Once a competitor has been judged to have correctly crossed the finish line, they will be deemed to have completed that race. As such, a competitor will then not be permitted to then re-enter the course to correct any previous race errors.
(e) Where a competitor fails to correctly complete the prescribed course, compete fairly or in any other way breaches or fails to follow a rule in this Manual they may be penalised or disqualified by the Referee or Sectional Referee at their discretion.