(a) In individual events there can be no substitution. Members shall compete in heats as drawn.
(b) For Patrol Competition substitution provisions, see Rule 3.5.6.
( c) Belt events are regarded as individual events (assisted by handlers) and there shall be no substitution of the Beltman.
(d) In Boat events the participation restriction rules as defined in Sections 2 and 5 shall apply in addition to the substitution rules.
(f) In events where two or more persons comprise a team, substitution of up to and including all team members is permitted providing:

  • (i) Members to be substituted in each team must be suitably qualified members of the same club.
  • (ii) Such club members’ names shall be entered on the program, or if not on the program, their late entry must be verified by the production, by a responsible club official, of the relevant record of registration or in such manner as is acceptable to the Referee and all entry conditions satisfied.
  • (iii) A competitor may be entered for more than one team in the same event provided that if the competitor competes in a round for one of the teams then that competitor is precluded from participating in any other team in that event at the same competition (except Handlers).
  • (iv) Any members of a team may be substituted into or out of any rounds of that event. In the event of a substitution the Marshall shall make a record of the names of all competing team members.
  • (v) Any competitor who competes in one team in an event or is disqualified in that event cannot compete or be substituted into another team in the same event at the same competition. Refer also Section 5 for Boat events

Note: Members are reminded that they must compete under their own name and are not permitted to compete in the same event in different Teams.