The Referee or Sectional Referee shall decide whether events shall be conducted in heats, rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals or straight out finals. Unless directly approved by the Competition Committee or the Referee, the numbers in any individual or team event shall not generally exceed the following, taking into account safety aspects and the conditions:

Event Number
Belt Races 9 individuals
Rescue Tube Races 9 individuals
Rescue Tube Rescue Races 9 teams
Surf Race 32 individuals
Surf Teams Races 10 teams
Run Swim Run 32 individuals
Wading Race or any variations 16 individuals or teams
Surf Boat Races 7 crews
Surf Boat Relay Races 9 crews
Board Races, Ski Races 16 individuals
Board Rescue 9 teams
Surf Board Riding 6 individuals or teams
Iron Man, Taplin 16 individuals or teams
Cameron Relay 16 teams
Lifesaver Relay 9 teams
Beach Sprints, Beach Relay 10 individuals or teams
Beach Flags 16 individuals
IRB Events 9 teams
Pool Events Refer Section 11