(a) When setting courses, consideration must be given to ensure that, as far as possible, all competitors have fair and equal conditions.
(b) All distances for both beach and water events should be measured.
( c) Buoy distances shall normally be measured from the end of knee depth water at the low tide mark (taking into account varying conditions such as sandbars, exclusion of holes and rips, surf conditions, prevailing winds and safety factors).
(d) The setting of beach positions, start lines, turning and finish flags and judging stands shall take into account sand, surf and water conditions and prevailing winds to ensure that, as far as possible, a fair and equal course for all competitors is established.
(e) Courses may be adjusted at any time during competition to address safety, account for significant tidal, sea and beach condition changes and maintain compliance and course fairness.
(f) Prior to commencement of each race the Referee or Sectional Referee shall check courses to ensure compliance with the rules of the event and this section.
Note: Protests may only be accepted on a competition course prior to the start of an event or a race.