(a) To facilitate the conduct of competitions, the various sections, disciplines and events may be considered to be related.

  • “Sections” are areas in which competition events are conducted e.g. Ski Section, Boat Section, Swim Section, Age Group Section, Gender Sections, etc.
  • “Disciplines” are types of events and/or equipment used in SLSA competition e.g. Ski Paddling, Board Paddling, Board Riding, Boat Rowing, Swim, Wade, Beach Sprinting, Beach Flags, R&R, First Aid, Patrol Competition, Champion Lifesaver, March Past, IRB, Taplin Relay, Ironperson, Cameron Relay, Board Rescue, Lifesaver Relay
  • “Events” are the disciplines conducted in different age and/or grades and/or gender categories e.g. Open Male Ski Race, U15 Female Beach Flags, Reserve Grade Boat Race etc.
  • A “Race” is a round of an event and includes heats, rounds, quarter and semi-finals or final of an event.