(a) A team event is contested by more than one competitor from the same club or lifesaving unit who may either complete an event or race together as a discrete unit (e.g. boat race, IRB race, surf teams, R&R etc.) or separately (e.g. relay events, board rescue etc.). Team or crew members may be substituted between rounds (as per Rule 2.18) but there shall be no substitution of competitors while a race is being conducted. If one or more competitors are disqualified for a breach of the rules etc. the entire team shall lose all standing in the event being contested.
Note: For the purposes of SLSA’s Anti-Doping Policy (refer Policy 5.2) and for the avoidance of doubt the above definitions for “individual events” and “team events” are the same as the definitions of “Individual Sport” and “Team Sport” contained in the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Act and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Regulations. Further to this the term “crew” has the same meaning and effect as “team” in relation to SLSA competition.

(b) In all events designated as team or crew events the “team” shall consist of members of the same Surf Life Saving Authority (i.e. club, Branch or State) who must fulfil all SLSA entry requirements.
Note: Members are reminded that they must compete under their own name and are not permitted to compete in the same event in different teams.