a. Competitions are conducted by SLSA across a wide range of ages commencing from under eight years to seventy years and over, and may include competitions with single or multiple areas involving pool, ocean, lifesaving, boat, craft, swimming, and beach events or multiple discipline events.
b. All SLSA competition, carnivals and any other competitions authorised or controlled by SLSA, must be conducted by duly accredited SLSA officials or other persons recognised by SLSA.
c. Competition effectively commences for a competition or carnival upon the issue of a bulletin or circular calling for entries.
d. Only members of SLSA or other persons duly recognised by SLSA may compete or participate in SLSA competitions, activities or displays.
e. No member of SLSA shall compete or take part, nor shall an affiliated club or Branch or State Centre be involved in any way, in any lifesaving competition, event and/or related display involving SLSA owned equipment or intellectual property, unless that competition, event or display is licensed or sanctioned by SLSA and prior written permission to compete or take part has been obtained from SLSA.
f. All SLSA members are subject to the SLSA Anti-Doping policy and the penalties prescribed in that policy.
g. This summary highlights the most important competition qualifications but in no way purports to cover every item pertaining to competition requirements regulated or controlled by SLSA.