The structure and functions of the Competition Disciplinary Committee are as follows:

(a) For every competition conducted by or on behalf of SLSA, a State Centre or a Branch, a Competition Disciplinary Committee consisting of at least three persons shall be appointed by the surf lifesaving authority conducting the competition. A minimum of two persons shall constitute a quorum. The authority conducting the competition shall nominate one of the persons as Committee Chairman.

(b) The Competition Disciplinary Committee shall immediately inquire into any matter referred to it and make its decision.

(c) The Competition Disciplinary Committee shall, as soon as practicable, report in writing its enquiries and decisions to the competition authority and, if applicable, to SLSA and the relevant State Centre or Branch as the case may be.

  • (i) The nature of proceedings set out under the SLSA regulations for a Judiciary Committee shall also apply for Competition Disciplinary Committee proceedings.
  • (ii) A Minute Book or other suitable form to record proceedings shall be provided to the Competition Disciplinary Committee. From the record a report shall be compiled for submission to SLSA, State Centre or Branch containing the names and addresses of all parties who gave evidence together with a summary of the inquiry and details of the findings of the Committee, its recommendations and the penalties applied (if any).
  • (iii) The Minute Book/Record of Proceedings shall be returned to SLSA, State Centre or Branch as soon as possible following conclusion of the Competition Disciplinary Committee proceedings.