(a) Any SLSA authority conducting a carnival, competition, or event shall appoint a Competition Disciplinary Committee to inquire immediately into any allegation of conduct by a member which:

  • (i) Breaches, fails or constitutes a refusal to comply with a provision of SLSA’s constitution, regulations or resolution or determination of SLSA or of a State, Branch or club or any duly authorised committee or board, or
  • (ii) Is unbecoming of a member or prejudicial to the objects and interests of SLSA and/or surf lifesaving, or
  • (iii) Brings SLSA, any State Centre, Branch, club or surf lifesaving into disrepute and which was alleged to have been committed at any competition or within a reasonable time before or after the competition:
    • (a) Whilst travelling to or from a competition, or
    • (b) Whilst within the jurisdiction of the relevant SLSA competition authority.

b) The Competition Disciplinary Committee may penalise a member found guilty of such conduct in such manner as it deems appropriate. Penalties may include forfeiture of titles or trophies won at the competition, censure, and expulsion of individuals, teams and/or clubs from competition and/or the competition venue and/or other penalties deemed appropriate.

(c) A member who, or which has received a penalty or an adverse finding from a Competition Disciplinary Committee may, within 14 days from the date of receiving the determination in writing, appeal to the SLSA Appeals Tribunal. For the avoidance of doubt there is only one appeal from a Judiciary Committee regardless of whether that Judiciary Committee was appointed by the SLSA Council or by a club, Branch or State Centre.

(d) An appeal must be lodged in writing with the relevant State Centre. The appeal must set out the:

  • (i) ground(s) on which the appeal is made; and
  • (ii) reasons or circumstances supporting the alleged ground(s) of appeal; and
  • (iii) must be accompanied by a non-refundable appeal fee of $500.

(e) The “relevant State Centre” is that in which the appellant (whether individual or club or Branch or State Centre) is located.

(f) Appeals under this clause will be determined in accordance with SLSA Regulation 5.2.