(a) The Competition Appeals Committee will deal with all protests referred to it by the Referee or Sectional Referee under Clause 14.3.3(a) and all appeals by competitors under Clause 14.3.3(d).

(b) In considering protests and appeals the Competition Appeals Committee shall allow all relevant Parties the opportunity to state their respective case and bring forward any relevant evidence to the Competition Appeals Committee. The Competition Appeals Committee will determine in its discretion who is a relevant Party for the purposes of this paragraph.

(c) The assistance of video or other electronic aids may be used to consider appeals. However the onus is on the protestor to provide proof of authenticity, and any viewing mechanisms within 15 minutes of the appeal being lodged.

(d) The Competition Appeals Committee shall consider the protest or appeal and make a decision. It may uphold or dismiss a protest or appeal. The Competition Appeals Committee may, in exceptional circumstances, consider whether the breach was “material” to the outcome of an event when making its decision to uphold or dismiss an appeal.

(e) The Competition Appeals Committee will advise the competitor and relevant parties of its decision and of any penalty (if relevant or appropriate) imposed. Reasons for this decision may or may not be provided.
Note: If an appeal is upheld any appeal fee paid shall be returned.

(f) The decision of the Competition Appeals Committee is final and there is no right of appeal against that decision.

(g) The Competition Appeals Committee may refer serious breaches of any SLSA rule or regulation (including any supplementary regulations) to the Competition Disciplinary Committee for further inquiry.