The conditions relating to lodging a protest shall be as follows:

(a) A protest directly challenging a Finish Judge’s decision cannot be accepted.

(b) A protest against the conditions under which a race or an event is to be conducted must be made verbally to the Referee/Area Referee/Sectional Referee (as appropriate for the competition) prior to an event or race (as appropriate) commencing. The Referee/Area Referee/Sectional Referee or appointed Official shall then inform the Competitors in that event or race, prior to its start, of such a protest. A protest against the conditions under which an event or race is to be conducted cannot be accepted if it is made at any time other than prior to the event or race.

(c) A protest (other than a protest under clause 14.3.2(b)) against a Competitor or a Team or against a decision of an Official (including the declaration of a result) must be lodged verbally with the Referee/Area Referee/Sectional Referee within 5 minutes of the completion of the event or the announcement of the result of the event.

(d) A written protest must then be lodged with the Referee/Area Referee/Sectional Referee within 15 minutes of the verbal protest being lodged on the protest form provided by the Authority. Alternatively, if the Authority does not provide a protest form, a written protest on plain paper shall be acceptable.

(e) Where a protest is lodged, the result of the event shall be withheld until the protest is decided. If a protest is upheld, placings and trophies (where relevant or required) shall be varied according to the amended result.

(f) The result of the protest shall be noted on the back of the event result card or result records and also on the protest form.