(a) SLSA expects and requires of its competitors, officials and members generally, the highest standards of conduct and behaviour.

(b) These expectations and requirements are reflected under the rules for competitions in the SLSA constitution, regulations and this Manual.

(c) In the conduct of competition, situations may arise that may give rise to protests and/or appeals and/or disciplinary matters.
Note: A fee may be imposed by the relevant SLSA organising authority for an appeal.

(d) A competitor or team manager may protest or appeal a decision in the manner set out in this Section.

(e) The official start of a competition is when a bulletin or circular is issued calling for entries to a competition.

(f) The official completion time of competition is 20 minutes after the completion of the final event at the competition. However, matters currently in train (i.e. protest or appeal or matters of “competing unfairly” shall continue to a final resolution, the result of which shall be considered as being within the official completion time.