(a) Committees and Panels shall include:

  • Organising Committee
  • Competition Committee
  • Safety and Emergency Committee
  • Competition Disciplinary Committee (or other judicial panel)
  • Competition Appeals Panel and Committees

(b) Officials shall include but are not limited to:

    • Referee
    • Deputy Referee
    • Area Referee
    • Sectional Referee
    • Referee Steward
    • Competition Liaison Personnel
    • Course Supervisor(s)
    • Scrutineer Coordinator
    • Judges:
    • Chief Judge
    • Finish Judge
    • Lane Judge
    • Course Judge
    • Specialist Judge
    • Video/Electronic Judge
    • Timekeeping Judge
    • Recording Judge
    • Starter
    • Marshall
    • Check Marshall
    • Announcing Coordinator
    • Gear and Equipment Coordinator
    • Presentation Steward*

    • Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator
    • Area Risk and Response Officers
    • Water Safety Coordinators
    • Power Craft Coordinator
    • Water Safety Personnel
    • Communications Coordinator
    • Medical/First Aid Coordinator

(c) The Organisers and the relevant SLSA authority may also appoint other Officials, Committees or Panels as required.

(d) Appendix A contains a Competition Administration and Officials Flow Chart.
Note 1: For smaller competitions providing that the provision of safety is not compromised it may be appropriate for some or all of the functions of the Organising Committee, Competition Committee and the Safety and Emergency Committee to be combined.
Note 2: Similarly at smaller competitions it may be appropriate for some of the functions of competition officials to be combined providing that the provision of safety is not compromised.
Note 3: At all times those involved at a competition need to be aware of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel and immediately report any observations or concerns.
Note 4: Officials should record any infringement of competition rules or conduct violations that may be required to support any actions that have been taken or need to be considered at a later time.