(a) The normal dress for officials at competitions shall be white or navy blue shorts, slacks or skirt accompanied by, white shirt or blouse, white or navy blue sweater.
(b) Protective clothing may also be worn in inclement weather conditions.
(c) White or blue caps or hats to give maximum sun protection are strongly recommended, but are not mandatory.
(d) The SLSA authority conducting the competition may require, or provide, coloured garments or other apparel to designate specific officials.
(e) With the prior approval of the relevant SLSA authority the Organising Committee may provide sponsor identified apparel, or other items to be worn by officials.
(f) The wearing, or display by any official, of club identification on apparel or other items is not permitted and if possible this identification should be covered or it may lead to the removal of that official from competition duties.
(g) Notwithstanding the above, certain judges may be permitted to wear costumes and wetsuits or similar garments in the discharge of their duties.
(h) SLSA officials are strongly encouraged to maintain a high standard of weather protection at all times by wearing suitable apparel, eye protection, footwear and sun blocks.
(i) Officials should also be aware of competitors’ potential exposure to sun and weather conditions and, as far as practicable, should not keep competitors exposed to the elements for long periods of time.