The Course Statistician shall:

(a) Act under the direction of the Area Risk and Response Officer (ARRO) and/or Sectional Referee/Referee.

(b) Maintain the statistical records for the area and ensure that data is handed on to the Referee Steward.

(c) Liaise with the area Marshall to obtain event starters for each race in the water.

(d) Record the number of starters and finishers and account for any non-finishers in each race.

(e) Monitor the time events take to complete and note any issues with the competition conditions.

(f) Immediately advise the ARRO, and SEMC (if the ARRO is not on hand), and then the Sectional Referee/Referee (as applicable) if there is any competitor that is not accounted for in a race.

(g) Be aware at all times of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel involved in the competition and immediately report any concerns to the Referee, their delegate and/or the Area Risk and Response Officer. If the matter is a catastrophic event the official may order an immediate suspension of competition in their area and immediately escalate the matter to the Referee and/or their Area Referee and/or the SEMC.