The Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator shall chair the Safety and Emergency Committee, provide advice as a member of the Organising Committee and the Competition Committee and shall:

(a) Work in conjunction with the Referee.

(b) Formulate and implement a safety, search and rescue and contingency plan which will provide prompt and effective safety, rescue and recovery in an emergency situation. This program shall be approved by the Competition Committee conducting the event.

(c) Respond immediately to and record any reports of safety concerns directly received from competitors, power craft, water safety personnel, officials and lifesaving/lifeguard personnel and liaise as appropriate with the Referee and/or the Competition Committee.

(d) Be aware at all times of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel involved in the competition and non-competition support functions and have the authority to immediately suspend wholly or in part the competition whenever there is a credible basis for concluding there is an unacceptable risk of serious injury occurring and refer that decision to the Competition Committee.

(e) The Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator has the authority to immediately initiate and coordinate (command and control) any search and rescue actions if necessary and notify the Referee and the Competition Committee.

(f) Co-ordinate services to provide essential communication, transport and trained personnel in an emergency.

(g) Brief all associated services prior to the competition to ensure that all:

  • (i) Other involved services are aware of their responsibilities; and
  • (ii) Referees are aware of the safety and emergency plans.

(h) Liaise and coordinate with SLSA Medical/First Aid/Emergency/Safety personnel including local emergency groups such as Police, Ambulance, Fire services and relevant government agencies.

(i) Be located in a convenient position during the competition and be available for communication with the Referee at all times.

(j) Brief any lifesaving service and any other designated personnel on the emergency plans and assistance required in case of an emergency.

(k) Provide reports and recommendations to the Referee or the relevant SLSA authority on the conduct of the safety and emergency management systems.

(l) The minimum qualification to be appointed to the position of Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator is the SLSA Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management Award or equivalent. It is also desirable that the SLSA Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue or equivalent is held and also that a current SLSA Officials’ Accreditation is held.

(m) Dependant on the size of the event, the Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator may also assume the responsibilities of other roles of the safety team as qualifications and skill allow.