The Check Marshall shall:

(a) Assist the Marshall by recording competitor names against the program or draw. Assist with draws for rounds, semi-finals and finals as necessary.

(b) Report any competitor team changes to the Marshall and Referee.

© Report any competitor, equipment infringements or other irregularity to the Marshall and Referee.

(d) Assist the Marshall in placing competitors in their order ready for starting.

(e) Accompany all competitors to the start line and ensure all competitors are positioned as drawn.

(f) Ensure that all competitors are dressed according to this Manual or other conditions laid down by SLSA.

(g) In IRB events, be known as the Patient Marshall and shall ensure that Patients are aware of their buoy position and are safely transported to sea and dropped off at their position in sufficient time to ensure continuity of the event.

(h) Be aware at all times of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel involved in the competition and immediately report any concerns to the Referee or their delegate and/or the Area Risk and Response Officer. If the matter is a catastrophic event the official may order an immediate suspension of competition in their area and immediately escalate the matter to the Referee and/or their Area Referee and/or the SEMC.