The Starter shall:

(a) Have, with the appointed Check Starter, sole jurisdiction over the competitors for the start including any briefing on course conditions.

(b) Be elevated or in such a position to best observe that starting conditions are fair and that the Check Starter’s signal can be observed.

(c) Ensure that an appropriate signal is given to competitors that a start is imminent.

(d) Recall the competitors by whistle signal, second shot of gun or by some other means, if in their or the Check Starter’s opinion the start was unfair.

(e) Have the power to disqualify, or eliminate, a competitor for breaking the start, or for wilfully disobeying their orders, or for any other obstruction during the start.

(f) Notify the Sectional Referee of all disqualifications.

(g) Ensure competitors, Duty Boats, judges, equipment and patients (in IRB events) are correctly positioned before starting the event

(h) Refer questions pertaining to event conditions to the Referee
(i) Be aware at all times of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel involved in the competition and immediately report any concerns to the Referee or their delegate and/or the Area Risk and Response Officer. If the matter is a catastrophic event the official may order an immediate suspension of competition in their area and immediately escalate the matter to the Referee and/or their Area Referee and/or the SEMC.
Note: Whilst starting, it is strongly recommended that ear protection is worn.