The Lane Judges (IRBs) shall:

(a) Be a Judge of fact in relation to the observation of the conduct of an event.

(b) Preferably be appointed in pairs and positioned at each lane for each event.

© From their designated beach position observe the complete operation of the crew and ensure that the crew, throughout the event, comply with the general conditions and procedures, particularly with regard to start and finish of events.

(d) At the finish of each event, check the IRB and Motors etc. as required.

(e) Ensure that a member of the crew is present whilst checking the IRB at the conclusion of an event and, where an anomaly is observed, draw it to the attention of another judge and a member of the crew before it is rectified. This will avoid any misunderstanding between the Lane Judges and the competitors.

(f) Observe any aggressive driving when the crew “hits the beach’ with such force the Driver cannot control their exit from the IRB and causes the Driver to stumble and fall.

(g) Observe competitors to determine whether immediately prior to exiting the IRB the Driver is seated on the pontoon with both feet on the floor of the IRB prior to swinging their legs outside the IRB to exit.
Note: Teams should not be penalised until the infringement is reported to the Referee.