The Announcing Coordinator, if appointed, shall:

(a) Act under the supervision of the Referee.

(b) Be aware of the public announcing and other systems, including dedicated sponsor and SLSA promotion themes being put in place by the Organising Committee. The Announcing Co-ordinator shall also liaise with the Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator for health and safety announcements during emergencies.

(c) Supervise roster, location, duties and responsibilities for announcing team members.

(d) Advise and assist in the setting up of the announcing systems and sundry equipment.

(e) Ensure spectators, competitors, coaches, managers, officials and workforce personnel are kept reliably informed of the competitions’ progress via the announcing team.

(f) Acquaint the announcing team with competition timetable and special events to be announced and ensure the Announcing Team is informative and accurate on competitor details.

(g) Describe and announce the running of events and other announcements requested by the Referee or the Organising Committee.

(h) Liaise with presentation section on the announcement of awards, medals, VIP and sponsor presentations.

(i) Provide a report and recommendations to the Referee or the relevant SLSA authority on the conduct of the announcing section.

(j) Be aware at all times of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel involved in the competition and immediately report any concerns to the Referee or their delegate and/or the Safety and Emergency
Management Coordinator. If the matter is a catastrophic event the official may order an immediate suspension of competition in their area and immediately escalate the matter to the Referee and/or their Area Referee and/or the SEMC.