(a) The relevant SLSA authority conducting the event may call for nominations for officials and the appointments shall be vested solely in that authority.
(b) SLSA may from time to time stipulate qualifications necessary for officials to carry out specified duties. SLSA Officials’ Accreditation or approved equivalent is regarded as being the minimum qualification for appointment. Probationary or on the job training officials may be appointed alongside Accredited Officials to gain further experience.
(c) Officials shall be deemed to be impartial in the discharge of their duties.
(d) Other personnel with suitable qualifications may be appointed to undertake specialist roles at competitions.
(e) Other personnel without SLSA or specialist qualifications may be appointed to undertake tasks such as video operation, recording assistant, holding a finish pole, judge in boat, timekeeper, recorder, etc. Such personnel will be provided with instructions as to requirements of the task and should not be placed in complex roles that could influence the outcome of an event.