The Sectional Referee, if appointed, shall:

(a) Be responsible to the Referee or Area Referee for the control and organisation of a specific section of the competition including the proper layout of courses(s) pertaining to the conditions.

(b) Implement the rules and regulations governing the competition and events being conducted in the particular section of responsibility.

(c) Be aware at all times of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel involved in the competition and have the authority to immediately suspend wholly or in part the competition in that section and refer that decision to the Area Referee and the Area Risk and Response Officer.

(d) In conjunction with the Area Referee, Area Risk and Response Officer, the Sectional Referee has the authority to initiate any search and rescue actions and immediately notify the Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator and Referee or their delegate.

(e) At the Referee or Area Referee’s direction, consider and adjudicate upon protests.

(f) Ensure all appointed officials are aware of their positions and responsibilities.

(g) Provide reports and recommendations to the Referee or relevant SLSA authority on the conduct of the Section.