The Referee shall

(a) In conjunction with the Competition Committee, be responsible for all matters relating to the actual conduct of the competition and matters, of which, the final settlement is not covered by SLSA rules. The Referee will also implement the rules and regulations governing the competition or event being conducted.

(b) Be aware at all times of the safety and welfare of competitors, officials and other personnel involved in the competition and have the authority to immediately suspend wholly or in part the competition and refer that decision to the Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator and the Competition Committee.
Note: The Referee has the authority to initiate and coordinate any search and rescue actions. The Referee must immediately notify the Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator and the Competition Committee of their action.

(c) Respond immediately to any reports of safety concerns directly received from competitors, power craft, water safety personnel, officials and lifesaving/lifeguard personnel and liaise as appropriate Emergency Services Management Coordinator and/or the Competition Committee.

(d) Conduct pre and post briefings for senior officials and/or team managers and/or coaches and/or competitors on the conduct and program for the competition including entry conditions, timetables, area layouts, special events, safety, and emergency arrangements.

(e) Make any alteration to the program that they consider necessary and communicate these changes without delay to all interested parties. Any alterations should take into consideration the safety and welfare of both competitors and officials.

(f) Consider and adjudicate upon reports, protests, breaches of rules and on all matters relating to the conduct of officials, competitors, coaches, managers and events. Any decision made may be the subject of appeal as provided for in Section 14 – Protests, Appeals, Discipline.

(g) Consider and adjudicate on any unbecoming conduct during the competition or event. If considered necessary, refer any offence or offenders to SLSA for consideration of further penalty.

(h) If required exercise the power to disqualify or penalise a competitor. The Referee is not required to give notification of any disqualification or penalty until the conclusion of the relevant event.

(i) Conduct any other briefings when considered necessary with officials, team managers, coaches and competitors.

(j) Report to the relevant SLSA authority on the conduct of the competition together with any appropriate recommendations.