In relation to trophies, prizes whether cash or kind, and the eligibility of individual member/s representing a section of SLSA to compete for, or accept such trophies or prizes, the following shall apply:

  • (a) SLSA solely reserves the authority to determine from time to time, conditions relative to the acceptability of trophies or prizes, reimbursement of accommodation, travel and other expenses, and eligibility to compete for trophies or prizes.
  • (b) Gambling by SLSA members on authorised SLSA competition events in which they are participating as a competitor, official, manager or organiser is strictly prohibited. Members found to have gambled on an SLSA competition or event whilst a competitor, official, manager or organiser of that competition will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with SLSA regulations.
  • (c) SLSA is the authority to approve competitions involving “cash prizes” and therefore any club or other section of SLSA, wishing to allocate any “cash prizes” for competition events shall seek the approval of their respective Branch, State Centre or in the case of competitions involving international or interstate competitors, from SLSA.
  • (d) Cash prizes shall not be awarded for any event at a SLSA championship competition.
  • (e) Cash prizes shall not be made available from club general funds, however, sponsor income may be distributed utilising the club banking account.
  • (f) Where cash prizes are presented they shall be portrayed as coming direct from event sponsors (i.e. cash prizes should not be sourced or appear to be sourced from club lifesaving funds).