(a) The following SLSA requirements are to be observed for competitions that involve international/interstate/inter-branch/inter-district competitors:

  • (i) The organising club should confer with their respective Branch/State Centre or, as appropriate, SLSA to discuss any plans to invite competing crews, teams, or members from another Branch, State or from overseas.
  • (ii) All literature, or discussions with invited competitors, must bear a warning that members, crews, teams, etc., must have their entry endorsed by way of suitable notation on the entry form, or may be by way of correspondence. In special circumstances, the relevant Surf Life Saving Authority may process the matter by telephone, but that is a subject for each relevant Surf Life Saving Authority to determine.
  • (iii) Without proper endorsements competitors shall not be allowed to take part in any competition conducted under the authority of SLSA. Further detailed regulations on this matter are available from Branches, State Centres and/or SLSA.