(a) Area Allocation – In conjunction with the Safety and Emergency Committee, the Referee is empowered to define the respective competition and marshalling areas of all events.

(b) Marshalling Areas – club competition organisers should pay particular attention to marshalling areas and shading, as correct positioning will prevent encroachment on the competition areas, with beneficial results to the spectators and competition officials. For a suggested layout of competition areas refer to the diagram at the end of this Section.

(c) Laying of Buoys – The laying and positioning of all buoys, shall be under the direction of the Referee or Sectional Referee. For setting up of buoys, ropes and anchors refer to the diagram at the end of this Section.

(d) Duty Boats – The relevant Surf Life Saving Authority conducting the competition and/or the club conducting a competition shall arrange for sufficient fully equipped IRB’s, Personal Water Craft, or other suitable craft as required by the Organising Committee. These craft must maintain their rescue capability.

(e) Equipment Scrutineering – Where scrutineering is taking place the Competition Organiser is to ensure that all necessary equipment is available for SLSA officials to use.

(f) In planning for competitions the Organising Committee must take into account any Government Authority, and SLSA requirements, and safety considerations to ensure appropriate event management.