(a) The organising committee shall be responsible for the planning and development of the safety, logistical, and operational organisation of the competition and non-competition aspects of the event. The Competition Committee takes responsibility for the delivery of the actual competition and the Organising Committee supports this delivery as required. The key personnel of the Organising Committee may comprise the following:

  • (i) Competition Organiser (chair), Referee, Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator (chair of the Safety and Emergency Committee) Director of Competition, Secretary, Treasurer, Technical Adviser(s), Local Organising Body Representative, Local Lifesaving/Lifeguarding Authority representative personnel responsible for Logistics, Administration, Arena, Catering, Gear, Patrols, Accommodation, Functions and Transport, etc.
  • (ii) If necessary, assistants may be provided for any of the above personnel, or any of the positions may be amalgamated.
  • (iii) It is the responsibility of the Organising Committee to cooperate with the relevant Surf Life Saving Authority and the Competition Committee in every way.

(b) Formal records of any meetings of the Organising Committee must be taken and kept.