(a) SLSA, State Centres and Branches shall establish from time to time the procedure for the calling and determination of competition dates, nature of competition venues, and other details. The national competition calendar is the sole property and the responsibility of SLSA. SLSA reserves the right to vary the national competition calendar in its sole discretion. Similarly State and Branch competition calendars are the property and responsibility of State Centres and Branches respectively.

(b) Internal competition conducted by a specific club or group will normally be a subject for determination by that body.

(c) Any competition that involves members from more than one club must be endorsed by the appropriate Surf Life Saving Authority.

(d) Competitions, or other events, which have “national significance”, (i.e. major TV coverage, overseas competitors, a major sponsorship, winner’s prize, etc.) must also be sanctioned and/or licensed by SLSA.

(e) It is not in the best interests of SLSA or sponsors of SLSA for major competitions to clash. SLSA, each State Centre and each Branch should use their best endeavours to resolve between themselves and within their appropriate authorities a competition calendar that is compatible to the majority.