(a) All competitions conducted by SLSA or within SLSA’s framework are subject to the constitution of SLSA, the regulations made under that constitution and this Manual. Members have a duty to know and SLSA expects its members to know and be aware of SLSA regulations. It is for this reason that the regulations of each and every competition or event are not repeated. By entering SLSA competitions competitors acknowledge and agree that they know and are aware of the relevant SLSA rules and regulations.

(b) For some competitions however, special conditions apply to entry fees, opening and closing of entries, type of competition and times of commencement. When these conditions apply the necessary regulations are supplementary to the rules contained in this Surf Sports Manual (and any amending or clarifying bulletins or circulars) and can be referred to as Supplementary Rules. These Supplementary Rules are issued by bulletin/circular under the SLSA constitution and are binding on all persons who seek to enter or compete in or otherwise participate in the relevant competition or event.

(c) Each event Organising Committee must make available all of the necessary information to enable a competitor or club to properly assess their or its ability to enter a competition. Also for a competitor or club to determine what is expected of them or it by virtue of that entry.

(d) Supplementary Rules may contain (in so far as may be appropriate to the event to which they relate) the following information:

  • (i) The name and nature of the competition.
  • (ii) The name and address of the organising Surf Life Saving Authority, i.e. club/Branch/State Centre or SLSA.
  • (iii) The names and addresses of the Organising Committee with specific notation of the Competition Organiser.
  • (iv) A statement to the effect that the competition is “held under the authority and regulations of SLSA” together with an appropriate waiver and disclosure.
  • (v) The venue and date of the competition and the dates, times and other details regarding briefings, reporting for competition marshalling, competition start, closure of competition etc. The dates for opening and closing of entries, how (and where) they will be made, and respective entry fees.
  • (vi) A full description of the proposed competitions. In the case of special events or multi-discipline events, it may also be necessary to include the “legs” and total length of course and other appropriate details.
    (vii) Details of any arrangements for different divisions or grades of competition to be conducted in certain age groups of events including the eligibility requirements and the status of such divisions or grades of events.
    (viii) Details of any arrangements for entry of composite teams in the competition or into team events for participation purposes.
    Note: Unless otherwise specified composite teams shall not be eligible for awards, medals, trophies, prize money or placing points.
    (ix) Details of any arrangements for entry of non-members into SLSA competition for participation purposes.
    Note: Unless otherwise specified non-members shall not be eligible for awards, medals, trophies, prize money or placing points.
    (x) Any conditions under which entries may be refused and details of age limits.
    (xi) Such information regarding insurance as may be required by SLSA and/or is appropriate to the competition in terms of responsibility for private property, public liability and personal accident insurance.
    (xii) Details of specification requirements for craft, special equipment (if any) etc., and the time and place of scrutineering.
    (xiii) A detailed list of prizes and/or awards allocated and the manner in which results will be determined and prizes awarded.
    (xiv) Details of any special procedures or fees for appeals.
    (xv) Provisions regarding postponement, abandonment and/or cancellation of the competition and/or the capacity to alter any, or all of the events.
    (xvi) A reminder of the obligations on clubs and competitors to secure the written endorsement from their Branch, State Centre (or SLSA in the case of international competitors).
    (xvii) The maximum number of competitors/teams in a competition or event and how numbers are to be controlled.
    (xviii) If appropriate, how equipment may be changed or substituted during an event.
    (xix) Details of competition sponsors’ expectations with regard to decals to be placed on craft, sponsor identified clothing to be worn by competitors and restrictions (if any) on the display of other sponsor logos or messages on competitors’ equipment or clothing.
    (xx) Whether (and which) facts are to be judged by appointed officials.
    (xxi) The scale of penalties applicable to the competition.
    (xxii) Water temperatures: average for the date of competition. Air temperature and humidity: average for the date of competition. Unusual course hazards or requirements of special equipment: i.e. wetsuit or assistance i.e. handlers. Clear directions to the race venue and check-in site e.g. clubhouse.
    (xxiii) All such other requirements and information as may be necessary, in SLSA’s view, for the proper conduct of the competition.