(a) Four competitors in turn carry a rubber brick approximately 25m each.

(b) The event is conducted on a similar basis as the 50m Brick Carry and with the same procedures as the 4 × 25m Manikin relay but using a rubber brick instead of a Plastic Manikin.
Note: The first competitor may hold the manikin in front of them at the start but must maintain contact with the brick with at least one hand at all times and have the brick in the correct carrying position at the 5metre line.

(c) Disqualification:
In addition to the General Conditions for disqualification contained in the current SLSA Surf Sports Manual, the current edition ILS Competition Manual and any specific or amending competition Bulletins and Circulars the following behaviour shall also result in disqualification:

  • (i) A false start as detailed in Section 2 – General Competitive Conditions.
  • (ii) Taking assistance from any pool fitting (e.g., lane ropes, steps) when surfacing with the rubber brick – not including the bottom of the pool.
  • (iii) Pushing the brick (above the head of the athlete)
  • (iv) Not carrying the brick in one or both hands.
  • (v) Releasing the brick before the next competitor has grasped it (i.e. one hand of each competitor must be in contact with the brick).
  • (vi) Assistance from a third competitor during the exchange between the incoming and outgoing competitors.
  • (vii) Releasing the rubber brick before touching the turning wall or finish wall.
  • (viii) Leaving the start before the previous competitor has touched the wall.
  • (ix) One competitor completing two or more legs of the event.
  • (x) Failure to touch the finish wall.