(a) With a dive entry on an acoustic signal, the competitor swims 50m freestyle with fins.
Note: “Freestyle” means that in an event so designated the swimmer may swim any style including form strokes and underwater.

(b) Following the dive entry the competitor may swim underwater for the entire 50m.
Note: There is no requirement to surface but it is advisable that competitors finish at a depth that allows electronic timing to be activated.

(c) The event is completed when the competitor touches the finish edge of the pool.

(d) Equipment:

  • U13 age competitors and under must use rubber type fins as specified in this Section.
  • U14 age competitors and over competitors are permitted to use the SLSA/ILS specification composite type fins.

(e) In addition to the General Conditions for disqualification contained in the current SLSA Surf Sports Manual, the current edition ILS Competition Rule Book and any specific or amending competition Bulletins and Circulars the following behaviour shall also result in disqualification:

  • A false start as detailed in Section 2 – General Competitive Conditions.
  • Failure to touch the finish wall.