(a) With a dive entry on an acoustic signal, the competitor swims 25m in freestyle and then dives to recover a submerged rubber brick to the surface within 5m of the pick-up line.

(b) The competitor then carries the rubber brick to touch the finish edge of the pool.

(c) The event is completed when the competitor touches the finish edge of the pool.

(d) Equipment:

  • Rubber Brick as per the specifications in this section.

Note: Unless otherwise specified competitors must use the Rubber Bricks supplied by the competition organisers.

(e) Positioning of the Brick:

  • The brick is placed at the 25m mark with a 5m pick up zone mark on the pool edge.
  • The rubber brick is located at a depth between 1.0m and 3.00m. In water deeper than 3m, the brick shall be placed on a platform (or other suitable support) to position it at the required depth.

(f) Surfacing the Brick:

  • Competitors may push off the pool bottom when surfacing with the brick.
  • Competitors must have the brick in the correct carrying position (see next heading) before the brick passes the relevant 5m line.

(g) Carrying the Brick:

  • A rubber brick is not classified as a “living object” and therefore it may be carried above or below the surface of the water as follows:
  • The brick must be carried not pushed. Pushing means the brick is held forward of the competitors head; and
  • The brick must be carried with one or two hands.

(h) Disqualification:
In addition to the General Conditions for disqualification contained in the current SLSA Surf Sports Manual, the current edition ILS Competition Rule Book and any specific or amending competition Bulletins and Circulars the following behaviour shall also result in disqualification:

  • (i) A false start as detailed in Section 2 – General Competitive Conditions.
  • (ii) Not surfacing before diving to the brick.
  • (iii) Taking assistance from any pool fitting (e.g., lane ropes, steps) when surfacing with the rubber brick – not including the bottom of the pool.
  • (iv) Not having surfaced with the rubber brick before the competitor’s head passes the 5m line.
  • (v) Pushing the brick (above the head of the athlete).
  • (vi) Not carrying the brick in one or both hands.
  • (vii). Releasing the rubber brick before touching the finish wall.
  • (viii) Failure to touch the finish wall.