SLSA will only recognise Australian Records in the events, ages and gender it conducts at the SLSA Pool Rescue Championships or that are conducted at the ILS Life Saving World Championships.

SLSA recognises an Australian Record as the best time recorded anywhere in the world by an SLSA member who is an Australian citizen in an individual event or an SLSA registered club in a team event. SLSA will also recognise the best time recorded by an Australian National Team in a team event. SLSA does not recognise individual times set by non- citizens as Australian Records.

The ILS World Record Principles and Procedures (including prior event sanctioning by SLSA) shall apply to Australian Records, except that a doping test is not mandatory, (but may be undertaken) for the recognition of an Australian Record. Refer to Appendix A for the Record Application form.

Note: Prior ILS event sanctioning is required for World Record recognition and is recommended for major events conducted by SLSA.