Swimming pool based competitions are conducted by many fellow member countries of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS).

Pool Rescue Competition is included in the suite of events conducted in ILS World Life Saving Championships and other international competitions.

The conduct of Pool Rescue Competitions also provides a further avenue, outside of the ocean environment, for activity participants to develop and to demonstrate their lifesaving and or organisational skills.

SLSA has adopted specific sections of ILS Pool Rescue Rules and equipment as the standard for the conduct of its Pool Rescue Competitions.

To enable the conduct of competition the following areas of the ILS Competition Manual have been specifically adopted by SLSA:

  • ILS World Record Principles and Procedures
  • Wearing of Swim Caps in Pool Events, Simulated Emergency Response Competition
  • ILS Pool Events Event Rules
  • ILS Simulated Emergency Response Competition (SERC) Event Rules
  • ILS Facility Standards – Pool Facility Standards and specifications
  • ILS Equipment Standards and Scrutineering for Pool Manikins, Obstacles, Rescue Tubes, Swim Fins and Throw Lines.

Except where otherwise provided for in this Section the current SLSA Surf Sports Manual and subsequent bulletins or circulars shall apply for all other matters relating to conduct of SLSA Pool Rescue Competitions.