(a) The course shall be as identified in the diagram. The fourth wheeling point shall also form the commencement of the competition enclosure. Nobody, other than authorised persons and competing teams, shall be permitted inside this enclosure during the conduct of the event. Further, no outside physical, material or verbal instructions or assistance shall be permitted to any team once it has entered the competition enclosure. Any such assistance will be regarded as competing unfairly (as detailed in Section 2) and may result in disqualification of the team.
Note: Where it is inappropriate for the fourth wheeling point to be used as the commencement point of the competition enclosure, a clearly identifiable marker shall be placed in line with the third and fourth wheeling points and this marker shall represent the commencement of the competition enclosure and all competing teams are to be advised accordingly.

(b) Teams, on entering the enclosure, shall march along the water’s edge and round the enclosure in an anti-clockwise direction. The course may be changed to clockwise (right hand wheels) direction due to problems in beach layout (prior warning of such, should be made to club March Past coaches as early as possible). At the direction of the Sectional Referee, teams may be required to march an additional circuit of the enclosure.

(c) Ideally, the distance between the teams on the march should be 8 to 12 paces (initially this distance should be achieved under the direction of the Marshall as the teams enter the arena) from the Rear Rank of one team to the Standard Bearer of the following team.
Note: The course, subject to prevailing conditions, should be laid out with a minimum length of 60m and a minimum depth of 20m.