(a) A recommended method of marshalling March Past Teams is as follows:

  • (i) The Marshall shall call Standard Bearers, or their appointees, to report with their Standards to the Marshalling Area well before the commencement of the event.
  • (ii) Standard Bearers shall be spaced according to their positions as drawn, approximately 12 paces (6 metres) apart. Those failing to report within 5 minutes of the call shall be placed at the rear of the assembly.
  • (iii) Teams shall then be called to fall in behind their Standard Bearers. Teams shall be inspected by an official appointed for the purpose to ensure that they are suitably attired and equipped to enter the competition area.

(b) Failure to assemble and/or comply with the directions of the Marshall may result in relegation to the rear of the parade or disqualification from the event.