(a) Each of the marching disciplines should be uniform within the team, and judging shall be based primarily on the uniformity of the team action, as well as the general disciplines outlined below:

  • (i) “Body carriage” – The body should be upright, not leaning forward or backward with the head held slightly high but generally with the eyes looking straight ahead. The whole body should be relaxed with no apparent stiffness.

  • (ii) “Arm action” -The arms should swing naturally from the shoulders with no excessive movement of the top part of the body. Each arm as it swings forward should be straight or slightly bent but on no account should there be any “hooking” of the elbow or a rigid downward stiffness of the wrist. If the arm swing is correct, it should be uniform within the team and should swing clearly forward and clearly behind the body, but in no way restricted.

Note: Hands should be closed, not tightly but naturally, with the thumb pointing forward along the top of the first finger.

  • (iii) “Leg action” – The movement of the leg must spring from the hip and be free and natural. The legs should be swung forward freely and naturally from the hip joints, each leg, as it swings forward, being bent sufficiently at the knee to enable the foot to clear the sand. The toes shall be slightly pointed and the foot should hit the sand with the ball of the foot. The toe of the moving foot shall clear the sand and should be uniform throughout the team. The foot should be carried straight to the front and, without being drawn back, placed firmly upon the sand with the knee straight without jerking the body.