(a) The team shall form up as detailed in the diagram.

(b) The Standard Bearer shall be positioned 2.9m in front of a line drawn between the throats of the two front handles and in line with the centre of the reel. The Belt Person, wearing the belt, shall be positioned 1.45m behind and covering the Standard Bearer. The Standard pole shall be carried by the right hand, thumb uppermost, with the butt of the Standard pole resting at about the level of the hip, supported if desired, by a holder (frog) and shoulder strap.
Note: In windy conditions, the Referee may instruct all Standard Bearers they can use either two hands to steady the Standard pole and/or partially furl the Standard so that it is less exposed to the wind.

(c) The line shall be tied to the front upper spreader bar of the reel by a knot which will permit a quick release. Such a knot is made by forming a loop and tying a clove hitch with this loop.
Note: For specifications of the Reel,Line and Belt and Knots, refer to Section 4, Appendix A.

(d) The Reel Squad shall consist of six people. One person shall be positioned on the outside of each handle to act as Reel Carriers and one person shall be at each side of the reel, in line with the centre or axis of the drum and to the side of the carriers in a manner as set out in the diagram.

(e) The Carrying Party shall carry the reel by the throat of the handles of the reel and the hand, carrying the reel, shall be held at all times in the centre of the leg. The reel shall be carried on a level plane at all times. This could necessitate the Reel Carriers adjusting the height of the hand by bending the arm at the elbow.

(f) The remaining members shall form up in a rank of four, 95cm behind the reel and 1m between the files. The inside files shall cover off the persons holding the rear handles of the reel and the outside files shall cover off the persons at the sides of the reels. Covering shall be from front to rear and dressing shall be from the inner flank.