(a) The number to comprise the March Past Team shall be 12,unless otherwise determined by the body conducting the event.

(b) Each team in the Open,U/23 and U/ 17 March Past events shall be equipped with a standard size approved Surf Life Saving Reel,Line and Belt,a Standard (club/team flag) and pole.To assist the carrying of the reel it is permitted to use a reel equipped with less than the full length surf line.Where such equipment is used the reel must be branded in minimum 25mm letters “Demonstration Use Only”.

(c) March Past Competition in U14 and under events shall be conducted under the same judging procedures with all relevant dimensions,including the size of the reel,reduced to approximately 75% of those outlined herein, i.e. normal length of pace-36cm Standard Bearer wheels at 2.025 metres, inside pivot wheels at 0.9 metres.

(d) Dress shall be of consistent style and colour. Competitors may either wear costumes or casual wear uniforms (including club competition cap) provided that such dress will enable teams to demonstrate to judges the marching and technical skills prescribed for the event. The wearing of protective sun creams shall also be permitted. A.panama style·hat may be worn over the top of a fastened club cap or alternatively a peaked cap underneath or over a fastened club cap. Sunglasses or optical glasses may be worn (Refer Section 2 for further details).

(e) A band, or recorded music must be used to provide time and step, the music shall commence prior to the Marshall giving the order “mark time”. On the command of “forward” from the Marshall, each team shall step off at its own discretion.

(f) The music provided for all March Past competition should be the standard recording supplied by SLSA, or by the engaging of a brass band or a pipe band which will provide an accentuated beat with long time duration at the correct marching rate and the left foot of the competitors shall be required to contact the sand on the accentuated beat.

(g) Inthe event of windy conditions, the Sectional Referee should arrange the position of the band or the PA system so that all teams can hear the music at all times.

(h) The rate of marching shall be not less than 100 and not more than 105 paces to the minute.

(i) The nominal length of pace shall be 47cm and correct length of pace shall be based on a calculation of 10 paces equal to 4.7m, plus or minus one pace.