The decision to relocate should be made as early as possible, preferably on the day before.

The following individuals and authorities are to be advised as soon as possible of the decision to relocate the events to be moved and outline timings to commence operations at the alternative site (those responsible for notification listed in brackets):

Team Managers, all Referees, and Officials – (Referee) Water Safety, First Aid, Communications, Lifeguard services, Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Hospitals – (Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator) Administration Officer, TV, Sponsors, Announcers, Media, Club at Alternative Location, Catering, Council and other relevant Authorities, Announcers with scripted message – (Logistics Officer/Event Manager) Optimal use is to be made of the public address system, social media, digital short messaging services, etc, as well as face to face briefings, as soon as the decision is made.