Before any SLSA competition is conducted, the Safety and Emergency Management Coordinator or their delegate should assess the prevailing and expected weather and surf conditions.

The Safety and Emergency Committee (refer Section 12), should also assess the non- competition aspects including occupational health and safety matters.

Assessments may be undertaken at any time before and during competition.

Should an assessment indicate that part or all of the competition, not be conducted because of adverse weather or surf conditions, or another threat, the Competition Committee will decide whether to postpone, cancel or relocate all or parts of the competition.

The major threat to the conduct of competition relates to the advent of adverse weather conditions, either before or during the competition. Adverse weather can create extremes in heat or cold, storms, dangerous surf or swell and associated dangers for competitors. Secondary natural threats are considered less likely, man-made disasters, such as pollution of the surf and beach and non-competition safety issues including occupational health and safety matters should be considered.

The sample Event Safety Guide Worksheet contained in Appendix A of this Section or a competition safety assessment designed for a particular event may assist in the assessment process. Specific competition safety assessment applications have also been developed and are available through SLSA.