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The following table outlines the various roles and authorities that may lead to suspension, relocation and/or cancellation for competition safety reasons

Role Level of Authority Scope of Authority
Competition Committee Suspend, Initiate Contingency Plan, Cancellation Event
Safety & Emergency Committee Suspend Event/Area
Competition Committee Chair Suspend Event/Area
Referee Suspend Event/Area
Safety & Emergency Management Coordinator (SEMC) Suspend Event/Area
Workplace Health & Safety Adviser Suspend Event/Area
SLSA Authority CEO or Delegated Representative Suspend Event/Area
Area Referee Suspend Area
Sectional Referee Suspend Area
Area Risk & Response Officer (ARRO) Suspend Area
Other Officials Report safety matters immediately to the Referee or their delegate or to the SEMC or ARRO.Suspend in the event of a catastrophic event and immediately report. Area

*Note: * Refer also to Sections 12 and 13 for position descriptions